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Confecerate CDV Beaureagard

Profeesor Smyth (Mayo) ? College

CDV soldier with a corp badge

Hat letter "0" small size
edge damage

Hat letter "D" small size

Breast Plate (3)

CDV of John Botts Virginia politician
you Virginia guys should like this one

Stamped brass eagle plate

Confederate clip corner buckle

Marked US buckle
W. H. Smith must have been ran over as the hooks are smashed into the front

 Breast plate (1)

 Breast plate (2)

Gardner Explosive bullet, not a bad one here

New York buckle

Breast Plate

Breast Plate

Rare dug item hat plate from a pre war shako

Hat plate officers wreath

Sabre belt plate non dug

US box plate nice with both loops

Umbrella ink with pontil
rare color teal

Black glass beer bottle 9" tall

pepper sauce 8" tall

Early Patent Whiskey squat style 9" tall

Sabre belt plate found at Cedar Creek

Breast Plate

US box plate nice with both loops

Non dug US box plate
ready for your cartridge box

Small artillery hat plate
1 3/4" wide

Hat letter #8
very small

Hat letter #6
Very small

Altered US Bridal Rosette

 Best ammunition box I have had. 600 Barthlows for 
Army Holstered Pistols, and the kicker still has the original paper label from the Washington Arsenal
to Officer in command and better yet his name is addressed on the bottom 8th New York Cavalry Relay House MD.

 Rare gang mold for .58 caliber 3 ringers

 3.5" britten shell for the blakley rifle
I found this one near Kelly's Ford the sight where John Pelham was killed, he had the blakley rifles

 Non dug Officers Spur

 CS 2 piece
dug seperate but fit good. The wreath is missing the bar and the tounge has a crack in the bar

GAR Membership badge

Hat letter A

Hat letter B

Hat letter C

Id'd Ike Jacket with 29th division patch

Hat letter G

Hat letter K

 WW1 uniform with collar disk and patches

Bullseye bridal rosette
super nice with the attachement staple

Clay pipe with a steers head

Cavalry Hat Plate
bent and straightened

Officers Hat Plate False Embroidered
Missing two of the hanging tassels

Infantry Hat Plate

Artillery Hat Plate

Jeff Davis Hatplate
A decent dug example

USA Entwined Horse Rosette
A Beauty

 3.65 schenkel with the inverted lines

State of New York Buckle

Breast Plate

Dug Virginia Buckle

Box Plate

Hat Number 4

Sabre Plate

Neat early cuff links

Georgia Box Plate

Sabre Belt Plate 
found on Stringfellow Rd near Centreville VA.

9th Corps Badge
Great condition with some edge wear. Rare badge in awesome dug condition

Silver 6th Corps Badge

Marked Pittman, Small US Box Plate

 Fancy tin glasses case. These
are marked with the Parkers Patent 1860. They have pulled a little loose in the front.

 Bulls Eye canteen Nice condition
although would guess the cork part of the stopper is replaced

 Early Militia Buckle this one was bent straightened
and repaired But a good price on a good displaying buckle

 Louisianna Buckle found at
Bunker Hill W.VA.

 Non Dug CS Egg Bought from
Howard Crouch

Rare 1830's Riflemans flask The government put
the Public Property on the side because so many soldiers were taking them home around 1000 made. 

 Marine coat

 Korean war era Navy Officers coat

 Vietnam era Uniform
very nice Id'd Edward F. Wilson Custom made Tongbuk Seoul Korea

 1944 Drivers Manual
Drivers manual 

 1950 edition of FM22-5
Drill & Ceremonies manual Someone wrote 279 TNG BN

 Fort Gordon Army Book. Company B 9th Battalion 1st Regiment
Would guess Vietnam era

 Parris Island Marine Corp Book. Platoon 383
Would guess Vietnam era

 Iron spur with strap. Not civil war but very cool

 WW2 Ike coat with shirt size 40L

 WW2 8 button Navy coat. Machinists mate patch. 
Maker label Weinder & Goldstein ID'D G.R.E. Size 46R

 WW2 navy coat Photographers mate bullion
patch. This is the 8 button style. US Navy Label size 38R and Id'd to Walter Ray Scott dated 10-9-45

 Hat Number

 WW2 Russian Navy Flag measures 45 X69"

 Hat letter "B"

 ID'D WW2 uniform complete with pants blouse and hat.
Tag has Naval Clothing Factory And sailors name Clarence Valek. Coat has the ruptured duc
patch the ribbons and the Ordnanace patch.

 Virginia Buckle stamped vrass
it is missing the bar hook

Marked Sabre Belt Plate hard to get 
these marked Alleghany Arsenal 

 Hat letter"" super nice

 Very nice US buckle

 Really rare Confederate Read Shell 3.8 x 8.5. The book says
there is only 3 known. This one still has the fuse and is unfired.

 Super nice horse pistol
marked 1851 h.Ashton and US 

Stonewall Brigade Photo - Straight from
a house in Harpers Ferry Thomas Butts 2nd VA Infantry Co E . Wounded at 2nd
Manassas Deserted at Gettysburg (so the records say) Who knows may have
been wounded or captured or just went home. The 2nd marched within 10
miles of his house on the way from Gettysburg. He is wearing the 
infantry overcoat in this 1/9 plate  ambrotype.

 Spur Found at a house site in Winchetser

 Rare Riflemans buckle on
the belt with percussian cap box. Very cool set up. The leather
behind the buckle is tight so I didn't try to un hook it. Perfect
for you bayonet & scabbard

 Nice early militia 2 piece
buckle on the original belt

 French buckle

 Post civil war jacket What 
makes this jacket is the West Virginia buttons 44 of them and 1 
Nashville Police dept. Does have some issues with the cloth but just
cool as hell

 Dug 1 Reale

 Dug 1781 2 Reale

1/6 Plate Thermo Plastic photo
case Mother and child. Missing the inside felt 

 4.5 Dyer shell unfired with no
fuse, nice condition

 3.8" james shell type 2 with partial
sabot, hard style to get

New York Sabre Belt Plate

 Confederate 3.5" Reed Parrot These were fired
out of the Blakley rifles. This is one of the actual shells fired from John Pelhams
guns. It was found in Elkwood VA near the kelleys ford site where Pelham was killed.
These were prone to flake at the bottom when fired. I found this on in the 90's.

 Id'D Ring of S.B. Hatch 24th Maine 
Infantry. Enlisted in 1862 and discharged in 1863 for disability.

 1889 Regimental Prussian Sword - 
3rd Dragoon No22 , The other writing reads For Duty and Homor - My Heart
and Sword Breaks. This sword is 37 1/2" total length, No Scabbard

 The very first North South Trader Vol 1 #1

 Original taylors Sketch book. unopened a most
have book for any valley digger. Out of print.

 Double 1/6 plates with 2 double armed
soldiers. Both holding musket and 1 with side knife and the other with pistol.
Comes in a hard plastic case. Both images are very nice and clear. A little hard
to photograph. so they are much better in person.

 Confederate Photo 1/9 plate of a cs soldier
there is damage to his face where someone rubbed it.

 Model 1884 Cavalry coat. He was a musician
is why the piping is on the sleeves and the back. This was found with this other
coat which is Id'D. Coat has the Indian war style eagle buttons and is decent 
condition. Hard to get early cavalry coat.
Found in a local house here in Northern Virginia / west Virginia area.

 UCV badge from Robert Funkhouser for the
Nashville reunion. Comes with special made wood case.

 Model 1874 eagle plate, has been converted
to a sash buckle or sweetheart pin.

 Hesse Miltary Service award 12 years of
faithful service between 1913-1918.

 ID tag of Asaph Pierce of Co "A" 14th 
New hampshire Infantry He died of disease on 1/21/63 in the camp at Poolesville MD. 
He was 21 years old. Very nice dug condition.

 Regimental History for the 96th Illinois 
written in 1874 by JT Woods The Regimental Surgeon This one has been rebound

 Neat little wax seal appears to say Carl Scoer

 Pocket Model Whitney Revolver Relic
Condition Propably a Battlefield pick up

 Rare 1864 Ironstone Pitcher depicting
the scene from the Marshall house in Alexandria VA. The killing of Col. Ellsworth
 $ 575.00 

 War Time Autograph of Fitzhugh Lee
measures 3 1/4 x 4 1/2"

 PGT Beauregaurd Autograph Dated 1884
Clipped and measures 2 x 3 1/4"

 Irwin McDowell Union general measures 1 3/4 x 3" 

 Joe Johnston Confederate General
measures 2 1/4 x 3 3/8"

 Early British Sword - Model 1803 Infantry Sabre
in very nice condition.
 $ 750.00

 Early French Hunting Sword These longer ones were
very popular with the naval officers, 32 1/2" long circa 1800
 $ 495.00

 SABRE BELT PLATE ON LEATHER - This is the harder to find smaller
one with the cast in wreath called the officers style.
$ 475.00 

 US ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD - Marked Ames Chicopee.
Has Inspector marks & 1855. 
 $ 595.00 

 NEAT EARLY VIRGINIA BOOK - Fauquier Springs Hotel.  Was burned down during the Civil War.
It was rebuilt by investors led by Eppa Hunton after the war.
The book is neat and has foxing on the pages.
 $ 395.00 

CO. B OF 1ST CONNECTICUT HEAVY ARTILLERY - Mustered in 4/22/61.  He also served in Company B of same unit.
This unit was mostly stationed in the forts around Washington, DC.
 $ 1,295.00 

 $ 50.00 

 $ 50.00 

 CONFEDERATE CARTRIDGE - Very rare Richmond Labratory Sharps still
in the original paper cartridge.  There is a dug CS Sharps for reference.
I only have 2 of these.
 $ 850.00ON SALE $ 800.00 

 SHIP TOKEN/MEDAL - Not sure, but a neat, dug item.
About the size of a penny.
 $ 35.00 

 $ 25.00 

 DUG FANCY CLASP - Maybe off of a book or photo album??
 $ 20.00 

JEFF DAVIS DOCUMENT - January 5, 1865. I think this is like our present day
"State of the Union" address.  Note the split in the middle.
 $ 50.00 

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